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    hi, pls is there a possibility to add billing coutry slovakia and set slovak credit card?
    please help i'd love to buy some apps but i cant yet. till now i have touchpad set to uk
    thnx 4 answer
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    dear developers, please try to make clear to HP that only way to make webos globally usable is to let people buy things from you and make i.e. touchpad usable tablet worldwide.
    otherwise HP is pushing me to switch to another OS, do you think is it ok? generally i dont want to do that. id love to stay by webos, but if im not able in upcoming month to use for my daily work and fun ;-) i have to change. yes u can say "oh yeah we fear now ...". maybe im only one in slovakia, but i know im not only one with this problem. at least i would suggest make paypal usable to pay devs for their hard work
    ;-). this would make me happy. please make me happy :-)
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    You can always get yourself virtual card (for example from and set billing country to Germany or UK...then you can easily transfer money from your Slovakian account to virtual account and buy whatever you want...
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    have u seen the charges? i.e. i wish to buy a software cca 20€ to 40€. to use virtual card monthly fee is 9.90 and setup fee is 39. i dont have to be genius to count one and one. i pay fees in my bank to have worldwide cards, never had a problem. whats wrong? why i can pay a coke in us or buy whatever i wish from any website? why should i go around bad system and pay more than i should? is slovakia in another europe than uk, france, germany?
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    Man, HP just doesn't support purchases from other countries. I'm from the Czech Republic and cannot buy a single app. Oh, how much I'd love to. Looks like nothing is gonna change any soon.
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    I believe that the biggest loser in that situation are webOS developers. I'm from Poland and also cannot buy stuff from App Catalog. And I'd love to.
    webOS developers do something with that stupid setup which is limited only to US, Canada and Mexico - there are thousands webOS users outside those countries with some money in their pockets. We have to "steal" your apps if we wanna use them. But we prefer to pay.... most of us
    This should not be a big deal to set up payment by PayPal at least.
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    hp is global company. not? should act so.
    i really hope that if the webos is out as opensource someone will create an online shop for all. or will hp open their eyes and specially minds ;-) and let anyone to buy software as it is common by other OS.

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