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    I've connected my Blackberry via Bluetooth and am able to text via my touchpad. However when I get a text from people my touchpad responds to their home number....any thoughts.

    My thought is that when I look at these contacts their home number is first and thus that is what the touchpad is using as default.

    anyone experiencing anything similar? Anything that can be done?
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    Oh if only Apple implemented the MAP profile...

    I put my SIM (T-Mobile) in a Sprint Blackberry "world phone" (9650 I think) and texted my friend fine over Bluetooth using the TouchPad. It was simply his [cell]phone number since I do not have any contacts stored in my TouchPad yet.

    I initiated the SMS conversation from the call log. But any reply from him came from his number.

    In theory, the reply that the TouchPad sends to the contact should be to the number it came from, irrespective of contact name association.

    Maybe a webOS update will fix this issue if true.
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    anyone else experience this? Has happened a couple of times to me now, so I not text this way currently

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