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    I have the WebOs 3.5, but this issue was present before I updated.

    I am a member of a community board on the site for (scrapbooking site). I can log into the community boards, I can open board posts and I can open the link to reply to the board posts but when I click on submit it does nothing.

    I can see the "button" light as I touch it so I know the Touchpad can sense the button and my touching the button but it does not allow me to reply.

    I checked my settings. I have Block Popups Off; Accept Cookies On; Enable Java On; Enable Flash On.

    Default search engine is google.

    I have tried to find a better browser for my touchpad. I would love to have the Dolphin Browser that I have on my android phone.
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    I'm not going to go through creating an account and everything on there just to check it out, but my guess is that they've got some nasty javascript thing going on that doesn't work in the majority of places, or they are doing something really weird for their buttons.
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