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    Anyone else experiencing this? For the last 2 weeks I've ha to restart my Touchpad a few times a day. Every now and then certain apps won't work, such as Software Manager, App Catalog...and in device info, the box that says HP webOS Account where my email address shud be is blank. While this is happening, some third party apps will give me an error message stating I'm not connected to the internet, when I clearly am. After restart, all is fine for a while. My email address is list in Device Info, and all my apps work fine. Anyone have an inkling? Oh, and this was happening before the update.

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    I doctored my TouchPad and now I can't even log into my webOS account from it. I'm stuck at the setup screen. It has been this way for me for the last 4 days. I don't know what is going on with HP's servers.

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