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    My Touchpad will connect to most WiFi routers but will not show a sign in screen when I'm signing in at certain hotels. The "Network Login" screen appears blank. I have no where to go from there. Any help? It's as though the browser doesn't recognize the log in page.
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    I notice that sometimes you have to try to access some external web site to get to the login screen - in the unlikely event you have not already tried this.
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    hm, didn't have this problem anywhere on a West Coast trip back in October. hooked no problem at the airport, perfect at the residence I stayed at, and hooked great at every motel/hotel visited on the drive back, I have even tested it in residential areas just to see if I can sniff a free hookup (wep or wap2 are NOT a problem, I have tools that help, LOL) when away from home and not near a hot spot persay...

    seems the TP's run the gamit, some perfectly fine, others with mysterious behavior...

    could be that weird WIFI issue that some TP's seem to have, drop outs etc....

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