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    I have a black TP that I bought from Tiger Direct during the firesale aftermath.

    Starting a few weeks ago, it would accuse me of using a non-standard charger even though I was using official Palm/HP chargers & cables. I ignored it though as it would eventually take a charge and function.

    A couple days ago, however, it wouldn't start up. Flat dead.

    When plugged in the home button lights up with an alternating white light - I believe this indicates very low battery charge. The back of the TP gets warm but even after several days it just won't start up.

    The fact that it gets warm, and that I have used several different Palm/HP chargers, seems to indicate the problem is inside the TP, beyond the charger/cable/USB port.

    I've tried all the button pressing/reset combinations I found ont eh forums and I've done this:

    Any other ideas? Is it time to contact support?

    My case has also cracked around the speakers (though I never dropped it) so I'm not sure if they will try to deny me warranty support.
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    I know you said official palm chargers, but it is the longer, fatter black charger right? I don't believe any are mad with the palm logo branded on them, if the charger has "palm" branded on it, it most likely is only going to trickle charge at best
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    the cable might be shot too
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    same thing happened to me

    you must buy a new charger

    the cables in the micro-usb get shot

    to make it last longer refrain from bending

    just buy it from
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    I have 3 "palm" branded chargers in my collection. Two tall/fat and one short one. All are rated at 1.0amp output.

    There must be a nearly-identical looking Touchpad charger around here somewhere with higher output? I always assumed they were the same, never thinking it would take more than an amp to charge the thing.

    Thanks for setting me straight.
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    I found a 5.1v 2.1amp iSomethingOrAnother charger.

    It's been plugged in now with a fresh USB cable for almost 2 hours. No love so far - just an alternating white light on the home button. Still won't boot.

    I'll let it run overnight.
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    yeah, the touchpad cud wall chargers draw like 2a, and the touchpad only takes a full pull from them because they have a resistor chip in them, other chargers aren't recognized by the TP and I t wont pull enough current, get a touchstone man

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