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    Hello everyone,

    I have read all the instructions and manuals on setting up ubuntu on my HP touhpad
    and I think it is perfect for me.

    I just have a few questions for people who have this.

    1) Can you connect to wifi hotspots with proxy settings (for collage)
    that usually would not work with the usual software on webos

    2) has anyone got any sdk's for ubuntu (jdk would be nice)

    3) Was it hard to get a mouse and keyboard working on it?

    4) Is it a smooth experience or do you find most of the ubuntu desktop features just don't work?

    5) Have you found any software that takes advantage of the multi touch screen?
    (or has written any software) (gryoscope,accelo,compass,ect...)

    6) Did you find anything different from a desktop experience other than
    lag and non-opensource (compiling/installing issues)

    I am really interested I this a d I believe this is what will make it stand out from other tablets.

    Feel free to discuss anything that I havn't mentioned because it will just give me more to do with my tablet.


    ps. I am not expecting tutorials just pointers.
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    Also what is blutooth like?
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    3) no

    4) yes, no lag for me

    6) not much different besides windows/linux
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    and is all software working or only a small set of them?

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