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    I have a problem with my 16GB TouchPad.

    When the battery gets to about 60% it shuts off. It won't power on again, the HP logo just comes on briefly, then it goes off.

    If I charge it, it will power back on and work. I can charge it to 100%, then as it's used it drops down to 60% and powers off again.

    I've used WebOS Dr. and put the latest WebOS on it. But this is still happening.

    Is it some kind of weird battery calibration error? Anything I can do about it? It seems I get about 40% of the run time before this happens, so it correlates the run time with the percentage.

    I'll be gutted if it's a hardware thing, as that'll be the end of that, I expect. Are HP repairing TouchPads still? I think they sold all their units for refurb.

    Help! (Please)
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    Just did another test by charging to 100% then running Angry Birds.

    It shut down at 66% this time. Things aren't looking good
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    This is what Doctor Battery has to say about the situation. Looks normal to me...
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    At this point I think the best thing to do is to try to collect some log files from the device to see what the device is doing just after the shut off point so we can do some diagnostics.

    The steps you should take are outlined below.

    1. Charge the device to full
    2. Let drain down till it shuts off (as you have stated this should be around 60%)
    3. Recharge device
    4. Collect log files
    5. Email log files to HP

    ---Below are the steps to create log files--

    1. Launch Device Info
    2. Select menu and diagnostics
    3. Select menu and collect logs
    4. Tap on quick log create
    5. Email log file to HP [you should contact me directly via PM for a place to send the log file to once you have it]
    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

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