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    My Touchpad has been acting incredibly crappy lately, so I decided to remotely whipe the mofo. Problem is, the WebOS Doctor will NOT recognize my device, nor will DEVICE INFO actually open. So, I am paddling up a raging, irritating river. Any suggestions?
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    Why did you do a remote wipe instead of "doctoring" it?
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    by remotely wiping it you may have to call (shivers) HP tech support.
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    I tried remote whiping, and it said it worked...But nothing happened. So, instead, I removed it from my account...which is getting me somewhere...But still, not where I want to be. Now, it won't let me sign back in. So, once again...I am lost...

    "We were unable to sign you in. Please try again in a few minutes or contact HP..." bla, bla, bla. Seriously. This is making me so mad...soooo mad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdram View Post
    Why did you do a remote wipe instead of "doctoring" it?
    I tried to do that, but it wouldn't work. I tried, tried, tried and tried again. But it wouldn't doctor.
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    UPDATE: I even tried started a 'new' account with a different email address, but it gave me the same error, telling me I it could not make an account for me at this time...***? Maybe their servers are the problem? Or maybe WebOS hates me.
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    I got it to "doctor" with two different doctors. But, it still won't let me sign in. Nor will it let me start a new account. I already tried downloading the 'bypass login' program, but that doesn't launch. Ahhh.
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    It's likely in a limbo state where the remote wipe is still trying to be initiated thus it won't allow you to sign into the device. You should contact HP support.
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