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    Can anyone confirm that the onboard GPS chip on the 4G is enabled and functional?

    After standing in the wide open spaces for several minutes (more than enough time for my Magellan GPS to acquire 7-8 satellites) the 4G diagnostics will not report a signal received. Ditto for several method taken from the developer SDK.

    Has anyone succeeded in getting a response from the onboard GPS chip?

    Thank you.
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    Yes.... I developed the MyLo app on a 4G TP.
    On my 4G TouchPad, Pre3 or Panda-Veer.
    If you like our patches, please consider donating to the cause.

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    Make sure you're using 3.0.4 and up. When I first got my 4G, GPS didn't work in the maps application; I was running 3.0.1.

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