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    WARNING you need to modify system files .So do this at your own risk

    You need to have internalz Pro installed and set to master mode
    for images to look the best the
    Background pics should be 768x1024 8bit .png named background-startpage.png
    Foreground icon should be 256X256 32bit .png named startpage-placeholder.png
    The loading icon should be 256x256 32bit .png named icon-256x256.png

    Ok once you have you pics made, The next thing you should do is rename the original files to end with .orig (for safe keeping), Using intenalz navigate to usr/palm/applications/ and rename the original files. Both background-startpage.png and startpage-placeholder.png are found there.
    The loading icon file is located at usr/palm/applications/

    Now that you have renamed the originals for safe keeping, you can copy over the pics you made into the folders named above.Reboot and enjoy your new custom browser theme

    to revert back to stock just delete the .orig part from the original file and overwrite your custom pics

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