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    I have tried a few of the ways to transfer pics directly from a camera or card reader to the Touchpad without the use of a PC - - - with noo success.

    In my continuing search of a way to do this and before I spend any more money on cables or other 'solutions' that won't work...., my next idea is to try the Ipad card reader. Apple sells an SD card reader that allows users to plug directly into the Ipad. I have been searching Google, bvut have been unable to find any type of connection that would take the Apple IPad connection to a USB / Micro USB in the hopes of plugging that directly into the Touchpad.

    If any one is willing to give this a go - - I would love to hear the results. As I said, I would try it, but I do not have an IPad Camera Card Reader and at this point do not want to sink money into any more cables that will just cause more frustration for me.

    Any other suggestions?

    EDIT - - I should mention this cable from CableJive - -

    As for Jdod's Wireless note - - - if there is no network around, which would be the case many times when I would like to transfer / view pics, then I would be SOL. I need a wired solution without the PC

    Thanks again
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    Go wireless:

    Works with the Touchpad also, you have to use some slightly differently names tools, but works great.

    You will also need the app No-Doze to keep the TP awake and get the current IP address.
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    Something wrong with the previous thread you started?
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    No..., it was just a new idea. thanks for the contribution
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    I've started just using my iPhone for snapping pics. Most highend phones are pushing over 8megapixels now and I have a feeling they will soon matching some quality point and shoot. I can wirelessly transfer all my phone pics to any pc, mac, phone, tablet, etc... that can utilize an app called 'Transfer'.

    Maybe those high quality Canon's, Ricoh's or whatever will soon have wifi capabilities to transfer pics wirelessly.
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