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    Hi - is it possible to change the behavior of the HP Touchpad bluetooth keyboard?

    Mainly, I'd like for it to make switching cards easier. For example, you press the card view button. Then you can use arrow keys to go left or right to pick your new card. Then press the card view button again to make that card full screen. This seems so intuitive but HP did not do this.

    Or how about some shortcut keys for killing a card? Or switching cards without having to go into card view mode (kind of like advanced gestures on the keyboard, if that's even possible)...
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    I'm not aware of any Bluetooth keyboard patches, but I assume that you know about the latest keyboard updates in 3.0.5?

    Currently with the Bluetooth keyboard you can go to card view, navigate with arrow keys and open a card with 'enter'. You can also close a card with Control + Delete.

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