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    Hi, like I mention on thread title, I have this problem since day 1 I use it, what I meant here is screen sensor stop working, but the buttons still works such as volume button, center button and power button, and never have any clue to really solve it, it can be partially fixed (turn on & off the screen after several seconds), this is not too fatal, but sometimes quite annoying.

    Lately, I start to realized what caused it.
    Seems my TouchPad will mostly have screen stop working if it received too many tap/drag at short/same time, such as we are typing or playing games that require fast tap.

    Anyone have same issue? I ever read another thread mention about virtual keyboard less responsive while typing, I think it is quite close symptoms.

    But the unique of this problem, after I turn on and off after several seconds, the problem gone, and I can do typing without any problem, but this problem will occurred again next time.

    What I'm curious here, is it a software problem or hardware problem?
    At this moment I'm using 3.0.5 without any patch installed except uberkernel. I'm quite sure uberkernel isn't the culprit because even I uninstall it, the problem still exist.
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    the closet situation happens to my touchpad is when my niece presses and swipes the screen hard with her palm for a while, the touch screen starts to behave weird. Several gestures become not working properly. But after her stopping doing it, it comes back to normal after a day or two.

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