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    Thinking of getting this Touchpad for a friend in Mexico. She won't have a credit card, but does have WiFi. It'll mostly be a Net device for web browsing. Will there be a problem downloading stuff or should I just image it with my account (kinda don't want to do that).
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    There are no geo-restrictions on TouchPads, so everything should work as intended in Mexico. She will also be able to download free apps, but she obviously won't be able to buy non-free apps without a valid credit card.
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    if she has a "fake" cc like the green dot or a prepaid card like (visa/mast/amex) and she gets promo codes, she still needs to setup a cc option. I did that for my dads tp, put an old prepaid visa giftcard that's empty on account just so he's able to use promocodes. Might not need one since hp hadn't given any out in their app updates in awhile.

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