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    last night before bed i grabbed my touchpad for a bit of reading and was greeted by a notice telling me there was a webos update out, so i thought great and hit update, all went well till it restarted, when i was greeted by the hp logo and "" so i tried powering off and turning it back on again, but i get no response, it doesnt turn on at all.

    so this morn i hit the above web address and got the latest webos doc, installed it but when it came to plugging the pad in i get the usual something connected beep from my pc but thats it, it shows as unknown device in device manager and webos doc doesnt recognise that anything has been connected.

    so im pretty sure i have a brick (and its not my fault for a change, its one of the few pieces of kit ive never modded in any way) but the question is do hp still offer any sort of support for it? as in would it be possible to get it fixed under warantee or something? as yet i havent even managed to get anything to come back on the screen, not even the error screen so im guessing im up ****** creek


    Never mind i managed to fix it
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    scratch that managed to get it working again

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