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    I am one of the people that bought two of the TP's from store and they turned out to be Demo tablets. I once before was able to activate mine and my wife's tablet with impostah. But because I messed up the 3.0.5 update i had to doctor it, now I cannot finish the activation. I was able to use Dr. Skip First Use to get past the login, but I cannot get impostah to activate it for me. I have follow the instructions I found here, and even tried the Device Profile Override. I also have doctor it to the previous versions, and gone into my HP webos account and deleted the backup, to see if that would help but I am having no such luck.
    I am really hoping someone can help.
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    When I first got my demo TP, I sent it in to HP for proper OS install. Shipping and return took 9 days. I have never had a problem with it at all. Unless you want to keep trying to find ways to activate it after every update, I suggest you just send it in.
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    I second what touchkeeper said. One of the TP's i got was a demo and i sent it straight back to HP, didnt even take 9 days as above, prob more like 5 and came back working just fine. I recommend you do that rather than continuously trying to trick it.

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