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    Quote Originally Posted by tarheelclicker View Post
    I've managed to avoid the update so far (keeping it off of wifi when I can helps) but I need to know what i need to do to prep for the inevitable.

    Im new to web os but was able to over clock and install most of the patches in Nicerate's great thread in the stickies for the new TP owners.

    So should I run ERB before an update or after, or should I just leave it alone and sort it it all out after the update is installed?
    Just do the update don't worry about removing any patches. That's what I did and it's stable as can be. Uberkernel is updated and working fine overclocked at 1.5. Most of the old patches will still work and the one's that don't will be updated soon enough. 3.05 is better than 3.04 no reason to not do the update... even though the distorted sound issue was not fixed.
    Still this update is a good sign for things to come. Take what I can get from HP and wait for a stable ICS rom to tinker with android.
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    So far, my distorted sound issue has gone away... at least, I haven't heard it since the update, but what I am having problems with is disappearing stuff... like my email, bookmarks, photo/video galleries, etc, forcing me to reboot my Touchpad in order to recover them, sometimes it takes a couple of reboots.....

    Not sure if this was brought on by the update, or whether my flash memory is starting to bite the dust (of which, I hope that is not the case! )
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    Under what circumstances should one run EPR? I'm on 3.0.4 and holding off. I have most of the basic patches as listed on the newbie thread, and not much else. It sounds like I don't really have to uninstall anything, but don't want to bork my TP.

    I may be dense, but it's not totally clear to me what EPR does other than uninstall everything in one swoop. Is that all it does?
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    The initial set of webOS 3.0.5 patches (including the new AUSMT functionality) are now released.

    For any that are missing, please contact the patch author and ask them to submit an update at webOS-Patches Web Portal

    If the author cannot be contacted, please consider yourself submitting an update (the MIT license under which all our patches are released allows for that).

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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