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    I've got the cracks around the speaker issue, and I want to send my TP back but I fear I'll lose one of the games I enjoy the most. When I bought my TP, the games from my Pre+, namely Crusade of Destiny and HAWX showed up on my Touchpad - cool! I recently got another TP for work from the Ebay sale, and when I synced to my account - no CoD or HAWX. I can't find them in the app catalog either. Is there any way to save the games from my current TP, so when I get the inevitable refurb, I can restore them? I know about Save / Restore, but I think that only backs up the app data, not the app itself. Is there an alternative site to get CoD other than the app catalog?

    Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!
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    If you sign in with the same WebOS account, everything should be there. Sometimes you have to go directly to the App Catalog and it will show up there as "free".

    Are you using Preware?
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    Also, Save/Restore is essential to save your game progress, provided your games are supported.
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    Yes, I am using Preware - that's how I used Save / Restore. I found other apps that weren't installed on my second TP in the app catalog for "Free", but not Crusade of Destiny.

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    in preware or the App Catalog (not sure if both, i am on my laptop right now...), togglle 'all' instead of 'touchpad', then your apps/games will show up...

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