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    OK, now that I have your attention, I'm having very much the same problems others have reporting regarding syncing the Touchpad to Google Calendar. I have one simple question (to which I have not yet found an answer): can I turn off / one-way / otherwise disinclude Google Calendar once I have my calendars the way I want them? A slightly longer explanation - I exported my stuff from Pimlical via ICS, imported them into Google Calendar, verified that everything stransfered over to the Touchpad fine. However, it seems like when I modify stuff of the Touchpad, Google Calendar behaves in a bizarre manner. Like I said, now that I have my calendars the way I want them on my Touchpad, I want to drop Google Calendar altogether.

    Any Ideas?

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    How is google calendar behaving in a bizarre manner? Lets try and trouble shoot the problem.

    Many of us use google calendar flawlessly, I use it between multiple devices and all sync perfectly. I can add an event from my phone and if I leave my TP at home my wife is asking me why it's going off making a *dong* noise every 5 minutes.
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    Thanx for the prompt reply.

    One example, I added an icon to an event. As you know, that just adds a comment in the notes field that Uber recognizes. I ended up with two of the event, both with icons (i.e., not one old event, one new).

    In another, my "yearlies" (i.e., birthdays) ran over two days, as opposed to the one it was set up for in Pimlical.
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    Remove the google account from the device. Export the calendars from google. Make a new google account, import your calendars there. Add that new google account into the device. Does it still act bizarre?
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