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    Just got a "no" answer from customer support chat, but I am seeing the occasional tool post that they love the feature, but with no explanation of how they made it work...
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    Yes there is:
    Go to the country preferences. There is a part for keyboard and autocorrect. You can just create new profiles for different languages or turn it on or off. It will the appear next to the blank at the keyboard.
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    to clarify: add a second keyboard in your layout with a language of "None", then you will get a keyboard switch button.
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    Excellent! Thanks to Chris and eblade!
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    Is this something other than Text Assist Text Correction choices accessed from the the Setting Tab?
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    ya'll are friggin phenoms and my hats off to you ;-)
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    can someone post a screen shot with it enabled on keyboard?
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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    can someone post a screen shot with it enabled on keyboard?
    Yeah, I'd like to see it too.
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    Here it is, when it corrects the word, it makes a sound. You can choose the vibrate option instead of making the sound.
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    So the trick is having more then one keyboard layout in the regional settings, normal english ( which has auto correct ), and add a new one with "none" in the language , this gives you a switch - english and none which turns off auto correct. Pretty tricky solution to switching auto c on / off. If you are a German add another keyboard, German. Then you get three options.
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    So which one has the autocorrect enabled?

    ok if it says 'en' then autocorrect is enabled and if it says 'Qwy' then its disabled.
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    That's correct alan. I got mine all set up too.
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    shame the same toggle to different keyboard button cant be used to toggle to a keyboard type that has arrow keys/normalish keyboard setup to suit some apps that need a "more like a normal PC keyboard" setup.
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    thanks thanks thanks to all concerned.
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    Hopefully from the moment webOS is open source, other languages will be supported too!

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