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    How do I do this? The backup app has a button to backup, but how do you restore?
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    This is for updating purposes, like after updating to 3.0.5 and logging in to your webOS profile after that, your apps and data (not internal media, as it’s not affected by the update) will be downloaded.

    To get your application data backed-up and restored (like game’s settings, configurations) use Save/Restore form Preware.
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    ok,here's my problem. After updating 3.0.5, I benchmarked my touchpad using free version of lithium. I got 102. Idecided to benchmark again to see if it was consistent. So, as instructed by the app, I reset my touchpad before benchmarking. Once webos was back up, all my apps disappeared. This iscrazy - my paid apps and preware - gone. So, instead of going to the app catalogue and re-download each app, iwas thinking of using the backup to restore my apps. Can I do this?

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