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    When using just type, the google search does not work anymore. Basically when I hit the google search it just keeps spinning. Everything else in just type works fine.

    I think this is being caused by some patch as my wifes touchpad has no problems (unpatched). I have several patches installed but not sure which might be causing the problem? Or is it some other setting?
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    I usually "just type" what I'm searching for, and press Enter. It automatically goes to a Google Search without me actually pressing "Search Google"....or does it not work that way also?
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    well..I think that is how it works on my wifes..but on mine I get a search google option and a "suggest" button I need to push. If I push the suggest button, it just keeps spinning with no results and does not open the browser. Is it something that is messed up in the settings?
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    Go to settings Just Type and reenter google as your default search engine.

    hope this fixes it for you

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