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    I just reinstalled webOS on my TP a few moments ago, I had android on here before, didn't need it until ICS comes out anyway, but I restored the tablet via the doctor, latest verison of webOS is installed, I put the logging into minimal, installed the uberkernel and govah, but now when I try installing the patches found in the "New Touchpad" thread I CAN'T find any of them! For example, I'll type ad blocker, or muffle, nothing! I don't even see the "patches" section anywhere in preware, I've googled for hours and nothing! Please help? Thanks
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    I upgraded to the new WebOS 3.0.5 and then there was one patch that would not in-install so i did the Patch recovery.

    Now there's no patches category in preware!! I checked the feeds they are turned on and then I un-installed then re-installed preware but still not showing up.

    Am I missing something obvious or did someone turn off the feed all together?

    Please help. I love my patches!!
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    Patches will become visible once they are compatible with the version of the OS that you are running. This generally takes a few day for those that made the patches to catch up. Be patient, and expect as long as week for some. (Chances are it wont be that long.)

    It's also probable that the feeds are just turned off, so even if you are on 3.0.4, you won't be able to access the patches either until they are updated.
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    you have to manually add back 3.0.4 patch feed then install patches you want. Most work fine in 3.0.5 but few dont.
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    I'll wait for the 3.0.5 confirmation. That just proves someone else tested it before me

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