View Poll Results: those who've sent their TP in for crack repair and recieved one back from HP

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  • not sure if repaired or refurb returned, hasnt cracked since

    2 13.33%
  • not sure if repaired or refurb returned, cracking reoccurred

    0 0%
  • origonal unit returned, hasnt cracked since

    4 26.67%
  • origonal unit returned, cracking reoccurred

    6 40.00%
  • refurb unit returned, hasnt cracked since

    3 20.00%
  • refurb unit returned, cracking reoccurred

    0 0%
  • returned with other hardware issues

    0 0%
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    Not to start yet another TouchPad cracking thread but since there's seems to be a lot of confusion over rather or not HP has resolved or managed to reduce the re occurrence of cracks appearing in the TouchPad after being sent in for repair/replacement already. Also rather or not people are getting mostly repairs done to their original TouchPad instead of refurbished replacement units back, any other hardware problem popping up, etc.

    Hoping this thread will help track that by creating a poll for people who have sent their TouchPad in for this issue. Also if you notice any different in material or plastic casing after the repair/replacement please mention in in a post. Likewise if you've had to send your TouchPad in multiple times for cracking. As always feel free to contribute in any other useful way to this thread as well. Thanks
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    I had sent my touchpad in for the crack and asked for the same one back. They will try to do this if you specifically ask for it to be returned. They fixed the crack but it cracked again about 2 months later. I have only babied the touchpad so it is not my doing. The case seemed the same to me-not stronger really. I had hoped it would be but clearly they have not strengthened the area around the speakers. I now have a body skin on it along with the hp case and hoping for the best. It had always been in the hp case from the day I got it too. Never dropped either.
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    First time: Own Touchpad repaired and returned.

    Had a hairline crack starting when it was returned!

    Second time: Refurbished (but apparently brand new) Touchpad returned.

    OK so far, but case appears no different.

    Mine is a White 64GB.
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    sending mine in this week for "repair"... will see what comes of it when I get it back
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    how do you know if its new or refurbished?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnj2803 View Post
    how do you know if its new or refurbished?
    my touchpad came back with the same serial number each time, and I specifically asked to have my unit returned each time and they have. I think any refurb would have a different serial number. You can find your serial number in device info.
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    I have notice two cracks, one on each speaker. I'm thinking to send it for repair.

    It is worth it or not?

    Repair same unit or ask for a refurbish one?

    Forget it and just put glue on it?

    Any recommendations?
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    Oh, don't bother with sending it in... it seems like almost everyone has one of those cracks on their Touchpad including myself.

    If it really bothers you, get a skin for it, Skinomi TechSkin™ for HP Tablets - Skinomi TechSkin™ for HP TouchPad since they are all on sale right now. I'll just get an InvisibleShield full body clear film for mine, since the crack is next to the power button and a glossy film will make it invisible.
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    Skinomi Carbon would cover it nicely :-)

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    thanks for the advice
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    well. I just want to share my experience. After I found the two cracks (one on each speaker) and after a full year of faithful service of the Touchpad, i decide to go ahead and try the warranty service. As all of you know, the 800 number is not working anymore. It points you to the webos website. I went there and write down an email to support. After a couple of days I got a reply asking for pictures showing the cracks and a proof of purchase of the tablet. I sent those and then got a second email to call to a number to set up the exchange for a replacement (refurbished) unit.

    They sent me an empty box with pre-paid label and to send the old TP. Then I got the refurbished one on a a couple of days.

    The whole process took like a week and the refurbished unit looks like new and is working perfect...
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    Wow, surprised they're still doing this.
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    I voted " refurb unit returned, hasnt cracked since" but this was the second time around.
    The first time I sent it away "returned with other hardware issues " and it wasn't the one I originally sent away either.

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