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    I have a 32GB TouchPad that I have updated with the Uberkerner 1.5GHZ kernel, Govnah and all of the Preware patches. The firmware is 3.0.4.

    What do I need to do to successfully upgrade to 3.0.5? I don't want to brick my unit.

    If I must uninstall the Uberkernel and the patches to get to 3.0.5, is there an initiative to upgrade Uberkernel so that I could have the same config that I have now with 3.0.4?

    Thanks !
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    In the past all patches and kernels have been updated to work on a new webOS version. Though it might take a few days. It's a good idea to follow webOS Internals on Twitter for the latest news on a webOS update.!/webosinternals
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    I see uberkernel in the 3.0.5 kernel feeds so you should be able to get it again after update. As good practice, do uninstall ALL patches and custom kernel before applying OTA updates. Then in preware, go to saved package list and update the list. Use the Emergency patch removal in preware to remove all patches in one shot, this wont remove themes and kernels. Then reinstall the Palm Kernel. Then run the OTA update. Then run preware to restore the saved package list to get it all back in one shot, only the 3.0.5 compatible stuff will come back so be prepared for some of them to require manual reinstall including the kernel.

    You will not have to remove the homebrew apps.
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