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    Quote Originally Posted by SSJChar View Post
    did anyone elses touchpad autoupdate on them?
    No, but twice I've gotten the message that it will update in 10 minutes. Click the "later" button and it does not. But if you missed this message, it could certainly happen.

    In both cases it was on the charger, I think this is relevant.

    I haven't updated yet but I have removed all the stuff that needs to be removed. So it is ready just in case that happens.
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    Your device has to have 30% charge to update. If you don't charge it that high it will never update.
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    updated UberKernel and upped the Max speed to 1.728 GHz.

    Web browsing has never been better.
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    Wow, 3.0.5 is fast to open up comics compare to 3.0.4, I usually have zip files of 100++ pages and the size around 90MB, it takes me like almost one minute or sometimes time out. After the 3.0.5 update opening the zip files takes less than 5 seconds..

    hahaha I am impression and it fixes the accelorometer problem too.. so now I can play need for speed easier..
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan sh View Post
    Just updated my wifes TP. It was standard apart from Uberkernel. I de-installed that and rebooted. Then ran the upgrade.

    Got the dreaded triangle. So, what causes that?

    I've just doctored it to 3.0.5 so it's back to standard now - but, of course, SWMBO is not too impressed with having to load everything again.

    I selected to update a clean 16Gb (tinted yellow screen) Touchpad that had no patches or alternative kernels or anything installed, just the default set-up with all HP updates applied so far, and when it restarted during the upgrade I got the triangle too!

    The update ran fine on a 32Gb (clear white screen) Touchpad.
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