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    Just a quick question - I am thinking about putting Ubuntu on my touchpad and am looking for advice.

    First of all, I did the MetaDoctor for my Pre2 to get it working on Sprint. It was a pain in my keister, but it works and it was totally worth it to upgrade my Pixi. Basically what I am wondering is, on a scale from one to total pain, what would you rate the process of making the MetaDoctor for Touchpad?

    Also, for those of you running Ubuntu: is it worth it?
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    Okay, well, I did the MetaDoctor and it was a piece of cake - still working on getting ubuntu on the touchpad, but if it works, it was worth it.

    It took 4 hours for me to download & install ubuntu on a computer at work, download the files, make the doctor, get it uploaded to box, download it in Windows, doctor my touchpad and install preware and a majority of the apps I have while updating my patches from Quick Install. It probably would have taken no time if I didn't have to set-up Ubuntu and do it around the work I had to get done today. I would say if your touchpad is charged and you can read directions and you have Ubuntu installed and no distractions, it should take an hour.
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    Just kidding - all that work and I have to redo it. Deja Frankenpre. The good news is I don't have to start from ground zero.

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