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    After downloading a Free Card Game app in the App catalog today my touchpad just froze up when launching it. Stupid me, I read some of the comments and people complained that the app sometimes froze up the touchpad, but since it was listed in the new releases I assumed that those old comments where no longer valid.

    I have done the usual resetting of the touchpad and it freezes up on the HP logo screen and just stays there.

    I have reset it over a dozen times now and still freezes up on he Hp Logo.

    Any suggestions? My next solution is to let it sit frozen until the battery drains and maybe that will cold boot it. USB is also unresponsive.

    This a standard up to date 32gb touchpad unmodified.

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    If you cannot get to the homepage to uninstall the app then you will need to reinstall webOS ony your tocuhpad with the webOS doctor.

    Login to your webOS account there and go to your touchpad, go device options and get the latest doctor. It has instructions of what to do
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    Thank you for taking the time answer.

    I left my touchpad at home all day and when I came home from work it surprisingly fired up. Oddly though, I had a bunch of updates waiting for me and when I did the updates all the apps I had (at the least the shortcuts for them) were deleted. I went back to the app store and re-downloaded them and I am back in business.

    Thanks again for your assistance.

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