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    I have three email accounts on my TP. It seems that at least once a day, the TP stops receiving new emails. There is really no message error, I just don't get some emails ( but I do get them on other computers/phone). If I do a hard reset, sometimes the missing emails will suddenly show up all at once, sometimes from days past. I have deleted/recreated all the accounts, rebooted into wifi account. Wifi works fine otherwise. I just have no idea what's happening but it is a serious problem since I use email for work. Am I the only one and is there a solution? TIA, Ed
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    I don't have this problem and I am using 3 accounts - one Exchange and 2 IMAP ones.

    Sometimes it stops receiving new mails, but generally changing to another account or sometimes doing a Luna restart fixes that. I don't get duplicate mails and it doesn't seem to miss any.

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    If you're sure they're set to PUSH, I'd delete and reinstall the accts.
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    Dear as you said you have three account then it is eligible then you should have to create rule abour you important mails you know if you will suspect then you will surely find and except it i never face this problem so with respect i can't give you any solution.
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    I’m using Google Mail for merging all my e-mail accts, which works brilliantly good. I only set up I original accout for sending purposes, because sadly the GMail integration of webOS only support’s sending with the standard GMail acct.
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    David--- how do you set to "push"? Is that a TP setting? Thanks all for trying to help. Driving me crazy. People are telling me they're not getting my emails sent from the TP.
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    Under email Preferences, set new messages to "as they arrive" for PUSH.

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