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    New to this forum, not sure which forum to post in ... apologies offered up front

    Opened a "" 2 days ago ... tried to log back in tonight ...

    books24x7 says "session already exists" ...

    Hard-shutdown ... no change

    Did I fail to close down the "browser app" properly? How would I know if there was a latent "browser somewhere that need to be killed or can be added?

    Or is this a issue with books24x7?
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    Now it is logging in ... emergency passed

    But still curious how to see if any remnant of a browse persists in thebackground.
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    Hi spd359,

    It sounds like an issue with the site not ending the session. If it happens again, be sure to delete your browser's cookies too. You might still have to wait for the site to release the session... But it does sound like a site issue more than one of the browser.

    BTW - Welcome to webOS and the webOS Nation forums!!
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    I sort of reached that conclusion myself, after it magically started working (after clearing some things in the browser).

    As if I believe in magic ...

    Still am adjusting to "tablet-world" ... managed/built Linux and Windows, and currently living in "The Evil Empire" (writing this from a Macbook Pro). I am used to "system activity monitors" showing active processes and memory allocation an CPU activity ... I will be learning how to see that.

    Well ... I will not be the babbling and insistent *****. I will figure it all out eventually.

    Thanks for answering.
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Another tip, if the site has a "logout" button. Hit that and wait for it to fully log you out before closing the browser. This should ensure the cookie is "logged out" (not storing your PW), and the sites servers will have your session closed.
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