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    will I get into trouble if I haven't booted into webOS for over a month?
    I've been using that "other" OS all this time and it has been near flawless.

    I'm sure HP's back-up server has not "seen" my Touchpad during the
    past month.

    The only reason I'm kind of concerned is because HP gave me the 2-year
    free Care Pack. If my Touchpad doesn't show up in their system for
    such a long time, will they know that I'm using the "other" OS. (and deny
    me service for it?)

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    I think you'll be ok. No different than if you run your battery out and don't recharge it for a year.......
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    There are many plausible explanations for not seeing a device for over a month besides using Cyanogen. You could, for example, be on a business trip, or simply not want to use your tablet during that period... I think you'll be OK.
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    You will probably get sent to your bedroom without dinner.
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