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    I have 2 touchpads...if I purchase an app on one touchpad, do I have to pay again to have it loaded to the 2nd touchpad?

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    If they are running on the same webOS profile, then generally, no.
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    Thanks sq5, but can you please elaborate. How do I get them to run on the same webos profile? Thanks helping out a newbie.
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    You have to "activate" them both on the same profile you want to purchase the apps on. If you switch profiles the apps will be wiped on the device you switch profiles on.
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    You have two Touchpads, we are going to call them Touchpad A and Touchpad B.

    I'm going to assume that Touchpad A has webOS account A on it and Touchpad B has webOS account B on it. Since we are going to be using the same account on both devices so you can have the same apps on both we don't need webOS account B.

    On Touchpad B you want to sign out of your webOS account by doing an erase apps and data. Once the erase is complete you will be presented with a login screen. Using the credentials for webOS account A on Touchpad A sign into the device. Now both devices will be running the same account thus allowing the sharing of the applications.
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    Once the 2 Touchpads are on the same profile. Buying an app on one of touchpads via app catalog will show as free to download on the other touchpad app catalog. Getting app on one device will not auto install on the other which makes sense.
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