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    The 2012 edition is live. It is available for US-English customers. TouchPad customers using different languages, or non-US App Catalog countries, will continue to see the “Sports Edition” of Pivot
    As a non-us customer, may I as as to why this is? Is it a Intellectual Property issue?

    If so, would it make more sense to have a separate, non ageing, landing page for non-us customers, so as to not rub our noses in our second class status?

    If not, then why don't we get the same issue of Pivot as the US customers?
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    I agree the whole 'monthly' update is a failure but the idea very unique.
    The updates are possibly due to the different apps that are available in different territories, but that's the content not the front cover. It's just easier to not release the newer editions if the content is not available to us second class users rather, than the same cover with different content :-(
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    I'm Italian and i get nothing, but i get the july edition if i switch language to en-US
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