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    I have a movie on my PC that I encoded to .mp4. The file is 8.16GB.
    My Touchpad currently shows 22.6GB of unused disk space. However, when I try and drag-and-drop the file into my Touchpad I get a message that says "The disc in the destination drive is full." Why am I getting this message when I clearly have enough space?

    Thank you for your help.
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    Touchpad file system looks like FAT32 to windows, and FAT32 doesn't accept files over 4GB.

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    have you tried DVD shrink & handbrake to make the movie more compatible with the TP?
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    definitely should use handbrake to transcode movie to 1024x768. Otherwise the touchpad CPU has to do it on the fly which will cause stuttering, poor playback, and faster battery use.
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    Thanks everyone. I will try your suggestions.

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