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    My wife dropped her 32G touchpad. Amazingly, only the glass broke in one corner and the case didn't crack (the case help save it I think). It still works perfectly. I looked into replacing the screen but it looked difficult and at 70$ for a new screen, I opted to buy a new touchpad off of CL.

    Any thoughts on where to sell it for parts? I will probably try Ebay but thought I would ask here first to see if anyone might have an alternative idea.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I didn't know gorilla glass can break by just dropping it.

    anyways, to me, it's worth it to fix it for $70 esp if it's 32g TP as I use it every day.
    Can you send it to HP for repairing it instead of selling the parts? I think that'd be lot less headaches.
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    That's a good thought. From what I could find, the cost to repair was 100$ plus the parts at 70$ for a total of 170 plus shipping which more than I paid for it in the first place. I was able to get a 16G for 150 brand new. And, with the new one, I get the warranty and don''t have to worry if it the repaired one might have a problem in the future.
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    ^^ I'd give you $100 for the broken TP with all of the original accessories (charger, cloth, cable). Add $10-$15 for shipping. You should be able to get at least that much on eBay, maybe a little more. I've already snapped up a couple of broken TPs for parts.

    The big question is where were you able to by a brand new 16gb for $150?
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    I got lucky with someone on craigslist and got the 16G for 150 and needed xmas was brand new still in the original HP shipping package unopened.
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    There should, I feel be a thread here specifically for TP 'spares'.. is anyone willing to 'break' and list the parts available?

    'Do Not Touch'??

    As the TPs become rarer and as more get busted.. 'we' will likely need such a service!

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    PM sent to billcrowley

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