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    My nieces grabbed my touchpad without my knowledge and I believed it triggered a device erase after entering the wrong pin too many times. Not really sure if this is really what happened because when I checked my touchpad next it was already showing the erase screen and I'm not sure how else would someone accidentally triggers device erase. What I am certain about is that it did do an erase and now I want to focus on recovery.

    All my apps are restored thanks to palm backup all but my patches are not showing in preware. Seems they are still installed as the behaviour remains unchanged but preware does not list them as installed patches. Any attempts to reinstall though would fail, ipkg error. As an example I can't reinstall uberkenel but know it's there since when I run govnah I have the option to change to 1.5ghz. How do I make predate recognize the patches?

    Also for some reason I am no longer able to connect to my gmail account. Keeps saying my credentials are wrong. I was using an application generated password and regenerating a new one does not help. I'm pretty sure the application passwords are valid because when try to use them on other devices and apps they seem to work fine.

    Appreciate any help or advice on recovery best practices
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