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    I have a HP touchpad with 3.0.4.

    I connect the TP with usb cable to my PC wirh winxp nad do the download etc. to tp.
    after that I use the safe mode on the pc to disconnect TP. Once PC says it is safe to
    disconnect TP. I wait for a while to see if TP gets out of usb mode but it does not.

    So I pull the usb cable from TP and a message pops up saying OOOch, please use safe mode to disconnect first. The TP then remains in that mode till I hit power button and the center button together to restart tp.

    How to safely disconnect TP from PC?

    Please help..

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    the only correct way to disconnect the touchpad from the PC is to right-click on the touchpad's drive letter, and select "Eject".
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    Thanks, johnsonx42. This worked perfectly.

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