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    Saw this on the web as an HDML solution for output of teh Touchpad. Just curious if anyone has had success with similar?

    For only $8.82 each when QTY 50+ purchased - Micro USB to HDMI® MHL Adapter - Black | MHL Adapters
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    I would like to know that too, but do TouchPad, Pre and Veer have MHL support?
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    TouchPad’s Virtual Keyboard Layouts:
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    I got mine the other day for my Galaxy Nexus, never thought to try it on the Touchpad, now I might do
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    In theory the chipset support HDMI but the drivers are not there. Someday perhaps.
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    This is being mentioned here also about MHL with TP.

    Can the HP TouchPad Stream Video Wirelessly? | News |webOSroundup

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