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    Hello all,

    The other night, while using the TP just fine at home, it suddenly stopped being able to access the internet. I thought it was a wireless dropout that sometimes happens (but hasn't happened in awhile).

    But after several reboots and/or power-downs, I realize I can indeed connect to the local network (BHomePro can see my DLNA server, and stream music), but I cannot make any internet access.

    Thoughts on debugging?

    Other wireless devices on the home network are working just fine - amongst themselves and access to the internet.

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    Are you able to connect to another wifi network (mcdonalds etc.) to see if you can get to the internet from your touchpad there?
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    dns settings gone fupar?
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I did a "forget network" and then re-connected, supplying password, and now back to having internet access as well. I had also tried deleting my TP out of the DHCP list of my router at the same time I did "forget network" - so not sure which if either/both did the trick.


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