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    I use the ubuntuchroot regularly now that xserver supports hiding the virtual keyboard, with a three-finger tap. My setup is fairly efficient, but was wondering what others did for their DE. So please share.

    I am running lxde with a gnome-panel, dockbarx, and netbook launcher. I had the linux mint menu running at one point, but removed it because I didn't use it enough to justify a tripling of my DE load time.

    For web browsing, I use the groovey combination of Chromium with the chromeTouch extension.

    How do you like xfce, gnome2, unity-2d, etc?

    Anyone have a working panel battery monitor?
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    I'm still testing this out. Right now I'm running e17 with lxde's filemanager and menus. Here are some pictures of my desktop..
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    To answer part of your question, lxde worked fine but would not exit correctly. XFCE had an issue with the webOS keyboard, although it would exit fine. KDE won't work right. It keeps restarting my TouchPad. I'm uninstalling it right now. However, e17 works just fine (if you wait 5 seconds to restart it after the initial startup crash) and is very stable. I'm going to try GNOME next...
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    I'm running 12.04 and I can't get gnome to work!

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