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    I can't seem to watch any 4OD TV shows. The 4OD website won't play any and neither will the associated YouTube channel. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this or even found a solution?


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    Seems to be fine on mine. Took a while to load the page due to slow connection but apart from that alls OK.

    Were you on wifi or hotspot through phone pairing?

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    I was using WiFi at home. Regular YouTube videos were working but none of the 4OD ones. But now it's working perfectly so I don't know what the issue was. Bizarre.

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    turn the pop up blocker off in prefs then you will be able to play 4od fine.
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    I'm getting the same problem. 4OD videos don't play at all on the Touchpad. I just get either an unresponsive screen or an endless cycle of the page reloading repeatedly with a black spinner on the webpage. I'm connected with WiFi with "popup blocker" turned off in preferences. Strangely BBC iPlayer and TVcatchup both play perfectly as do YouTube videos. JavaScript and Flash are both enabled and rebooting the device doesn't help at all. Using Uberkernel v3.0.5-93 with OnDemandTcl 1728 Profile in Govnah on webOS 3.0.5

    Any ideas?

    Also tried uninstalling the Max Blocker patch in case this was blocking the ads but it hasn't helped at all.
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