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    This morning I checked a few YouTube clips. Then I checked out Preware and updated Uberkernel and Govnah. Going back to YouTube it now tells me I cannot view clips because I need to upgrade my Flash Player to v10. (I have v10.3.185.63)

    The logical assumption is that the Uberkernel upgrade (v3.0.4-88) has killed Flash because nothing happened in between.

    Anyone else had this problem or have I missed something obvious?
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    I didn't update to, but instead fresh installed latest Uberkernel - and have no Flash/Youtube glitches.

    I suppose it may be worth you reverting to stock Palm kernel and then reinstalling fresh Uberkernel.. as opposed to 'updating' it?
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    Good thinking. I uninstalled Uber and Govnah, then reinstalled. Flash now working. Thanks.

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