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    I don't have kindle installed yet on my touchpad that I purchased in the UK, and use in the UK, and have a UK app catalogue, the ipk for kindle is at /usr/lib/customizaton/apps

    Can anyone else with a UK touchpad without kindle installed by a different method please check whether they have a kindle ipk at that location.

    This ipk will "install", but it only shows a placeholder.
    Touchpad 16GB 3.0.5
    Pre 2 2.2.4
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $Kindle$ $App$ $was$ $not$ $licenced$ $for$ $use$ $in$ $the$ $UK$ $and$ $none$ $of$ $the$ $UK$ $supplied$ $TouchPads$ $have$ $the$ $App$ $installed$.
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    You can install Kindle from the US App Catalog using Impostah. EAT has a good step by step here: Everything About Tablets | How to: Get Kindle UK on the HP TouchPad

    As Wheel_nut says, it isn't for the UK market so only use if you don't want 'official' support

    Working well on mine and with Calibre you can get most books converted too.

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