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    My fiance is thai and would like to read in her language (also she keeps annoying me about it lol). It just shows up as boxes and she finds this very annoying also some youtube vids that are in thai wont play at all.

    Is there a fix for this? I oc, preware and uberkerneled her tp along with various other patches if that info helps. thnx for the help.
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    I want to know the same thing; I see blocks when visiting sites with Indic content. When is the Touchpad going to get native support for Indic fonts, if at all?
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    Search the forum for installing fonts. The originally supplied fonts are not equipped with the characters you need.

    There also are patches for TP’s virtual keyboard layout, maybe you find your answers there, and plus you can install the needed kb layout for writing in Thai.
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    TouchPad’s Virtual Keyboard Layouts:
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