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    Sound is OK when i reboot the touchpad but there is no sound when it is locked after few minutes . I try to play youtube , pandora but there is no sound.
    I could regain sound only after i restart(reboot) it.
    I had this problem from the beginning and i'm using the touchpad since 2 weeks.
    There is any one who has this problem ?

    Also if play the sound from headphone(after rebooting) and release the headphone the sound doesnot come out.
    However, if i play sound outside without using headphone (after rebooting) it works.
    I mean if i plug headphone it always shows in the system even i unplug it.

    I'm playing music in the touchpad by always restarting when the touchpad gets locked.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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    install PulseAudio Restarter (via WOSQI or Preware).

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