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    I didn't do anything to my touchpad but today when I turned it on I started noticing some odd things. First I noticed that it wasn't charging on my touchstone. Then I started typing to search for something online. Nothing came up in Just Type. I went to the just type settings app and it continued to sit there with the loading wheel saying "loading preferences...". Also none of the gameloft games I have will load. Asphalt 6, shrek kart, and assassins creed all don't work. Other apps work and other 3d games like gun bros and robotek hd all work. I do have android dual booted on it but have had it for quite a while with no problems. The night before it completely ran out of battery and didn't think it would even be able to charge using the touchstone but it did and booted into android by default.
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    I suggest trying a webOS doctor.

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    That was what I thought. ┐Are there any problems with doctoring it with android on it? ┐Will I have to reinstall android after?

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