I currently have the flash 10.3 installed and I have read some sites have upgraded to 11. I bought the touch pad for the wife and finally got it to show Vietnamese fonts so she can go to her websites.. Then she came back to me and showed me the main site she goes too(movie site).

I for the life of me cant get the videos to play at all. It seems they will stop making flash upgrades for webOS, but does that mean once the web site goes flash 11 that all users have to have the same? Is there anyway around this?

Here is the site.

Xem Phim Mèo Đi Hia - Puss In Boots Tập 1 (2011) Việt Sub - Meo-Di-Hia---Puss-In-Boots Tap 1 (2011) Việt Sub - Phim Online, Xem Phim Online, Coi Phim Online