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    Hello, this is my first post as a relatively new touchpad and webos lover. I have just flashed my d-link dir-615 with the latest DD-WRT firmware and all appears well. BTW i have never suffered drop-out with this router as i see others have.

    my question is why is my touchpad only managing to connect at 72 Mb/s? the router current rate is 300 Mb/s (40mhz). i have a second dir-615 with DD-WRT which is current running at 144 Mb/s at the touchpad still only manages 72 Mb/s on it. (sorry if my units are wrong!)

    I may be just fighting against a slow (advanced) browser (as others seem to be) but i would like to get the best connection i can first.
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    you are lucky, my tp connects only at 65mb.donīt know why.

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