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    I noticed that my TP has less total size than it used to be (it might be due to making 2 chroot partitions) (for the record i have the 16GB version).

    So i opened lvm and typed the pvs command and saw that my current PSize is at 14.19GB and PFree is at 3.95GB. Im not really familiar with lvm i just saw there were some similar commands for physical (like the virtuals ones which people use to resize their logical partitions to reallocate the missing space after a cm-uninstall).
    Anyway, what im asking is how to reallocate those 4 missing GBs, should i run "pvresize +90000 store"? will it affect my currently logical partitions?
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    This is how the lvscan looks like:

    Thats a total of 10280MB

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